Barbara Candiotti
Barbara Candiotti
Artist / Writer / Poet
Seattle, United States


Barbara Candiotti is a former High Tech Worker, now exclusively working on writing, art, photography and poetry endeavors. She holds a certificate in 3D Animation from the Vancouver Film School and a certificate in Film and Video from the University of Washington.

Star*Line and Eye to the Telescope have published her poems.
Litro Magazine has accepted an essay.
The Fifth Di... Magazine has accepted a story.

Her photography has been accepted by:
Reservoir Road Literary Review
Neon Books
Reed Magazine

Her Digital Art has been accepted by:
Phantom Kangaroo
Evocations Review
Zoetic Press
Utopia Science Fiction Magazine
Star*Line - Cover Art
Invisible City
Electric Spec - Cover Art, 2 issues
The William & Mary Review
Defunkt Magazine
ParABnormal Magazine - Cover Art
Kind Writers
Illumen Magazine - Black and White illustrations
Cosmic Crime Magazine - Black and White Illustrations
Lily Poetry Review
The Good Life Review
Unstamatic Magazine
Scifaikust Magazine - Cover Art
Orion's Belt - Cover Art
Illustrated Worlds - Black and White Illustration
Penumbric Magazine, 2 Color pieces